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Articles Of BPO Industry

Outsourcing Call Centers Services Overseas Offers Huge Benefits
Have you ever wondered why the BPO segment is growing so rapidly? The simplest and the most logical answer is that outsourcing call center services overseas offers huge benefits to organizations worldwide….More>>

How IVR Fulfils The Great Expectations Of Your Customers
Who according to you is a happy customer? Well, there is one customer who does not take the trouble of contacting you very often and there is another who prompts his near and dear ones to make a purchase from you….More>>

Outsourcing Helped Us Realize The Impossible
The management of a company calls for much more than just supplying the customers with the products that they need. As a business owner, you need to look after the various aspects of your business…More>>

Why companies do not need reasons to outsource?
Technically speaking, customer service refers to the sequence of activities that enhance the satisfaction of customers..More>>

How outsourcing changed customer support into a critical business activity
The trend of contracting out customer service to outbound and inbound call centers eventually led to the development of outsourcing industry..More>>

Outsourcing: Not yet another cost cutting measure
Cost efficiency is not the only benefit of the services of a call center. When it comes to services, call centers always abide by the quality management guidelines….More>>

Complaining Customers of Call Centers: Think Different
Call center business thrives on customers. Good or bad, bold or beautiful and cool or angry – they are the ones for whom you have been hired as Customer Service Representative. If you think that a complaining customer is of no good, I want you to think again….More>>

Productive Call Center with Productive Atmosphere
You work for several organizations and your employees. You regulate their work flow and assure the success of their business at every step while you and your team handle the scariest of work flow with extreme ease and comfort. Call center is a business that runs on team and is fuelled through their enthusiasm….More >>

Call Center Outsourcing Services: An Overview and Benefits to Business
Be it small or medium enterprises or big corporate houses, recession and economic meltdown has taken the better of all. Where the jobs were skimping down, one industry has managed to not just sustain but flourish gloriously and that is call center outsourcing industry…..More >>