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    We bridge the gap between you and your customers through solutions that communicate on your behalf. Call Centers India create a platform where your business needs meet services excellence in the manner you desire.

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    We let you reach out to your customers through a superlative web-enabled strategy that enables round the rock communication and enhance profitability. You can win your online battles without much efforts with Call Centers India.

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    Call Centers India offers end-to-end Outsourcing Call Centers Services that help our clients match steps with technologies that change every second. Our solutions ensure that value is delivered to your customers without letting quality take a back seat.

Call Center Outsourcing Services

Call Centers India pioneers call center outsourcing solutions to small and large enterprises. Our company delivers all types of customer care services including voice, live chat & email support and toll free response services which have been recognized and awarded by the call center industry across the world for quality in customer service.

Our head office is located in Seattle, WA, USA and have delivery center in India and America. Our call centers in India and USA are furnished with world class infrastructure and have cutting edge technologies. End-to-end IP based network are implemented at our call center in India and USA. Further, they have all the latest equipments required for delivering seamless and flawless call center services.

Our outsourced call center services provide a rise to the productivity of your business by leveraging the advantages of India being the leading outsourcing hub. Our wide range of call center outsourcing solutions are high on productivity, results and quality but low on costs.

We invest heavily in our call center executives as we believe them to be the most integral part in our organizations which is directly responsible for handling the customers and providing call center outsourcing services. We provide them special training and make them go through workshops that bring out the best in them and inculcate the skills necessary for superior call center services

With more than 50 years of cumulative management experience in the call center industry, we completely understand the minute and advanced call center management techniques and are able to provide highly cost effective services to businesses and organizations operating in diverse industry segments.

Whether you require customer services or want to run a telemarketing campaign for your business, you can trust us with them all and be assured of receiving cost effective and ROI focused call center outsourcing solutions.

In today's world, thousands of organizations across the globe are engaged in the business of outsourcing. An idea that has been there since centuries gained a lot of popularity in the decade that has gone by. In general, outsourcing refers to contracting out work of any kind to a third-party provider. Something that started as a cost-cutting measure soon garnered momentum all over the world due to the benefits it offered to the organizations across industry verticals. However, at present, cost reduction is not the only objective of outsourcing. A contemporary organization looks for strategic benefits of outsourcing like increased efficiency, substantial decrease in turnaround time, access to skilled resources and above all considerable improvement in profits.

The choice of an outsourcing partner is the first step in the right direction for a company that intends to make the most out the service. Like any other business activity, the selection of an outsourcing partner should also be preceded by research and planning. Therefore, the primary consideration of an organization must be the evaluation of benefits. The first thing that crosses the mind when thinking about outsourced services is the liberty toconcentrate on what works best in the interest of a company. In the light of this situation, let us examine the most important benefits of outsourcing:

Access to specialized resources: A contemporary organization often outsources a specified business activity to a third-party when it needs services that demand specific skills or capabilities. It is quite possible that the desired skill set might not be a part of the core competencies of the company. Consequently, offshoring makes sense for such service providers. Not only does it enable focus on revenue generating activities, but also allows access to the competent services of your strategic partner.

Impact on bottom line: There is a stark difference between the labor rates of developed economies and developing countries like India. Consequently, the companies can leverage on currency difference. This eventually enables savings and reflects on the profits of organizations. A company can also reduce its capital expenditure and infrastructure costs. All this adds to revenue in the long run.

One-track business focus: Non-core business functions often add unnecessarily to the workload of an organization. As a result, the quality of core business functions gets affected. In this scenario, outsourcing peripheral or non-core functions to a third-party restores the focus of an organization as it is able to give its best in terms of core functions.

Unparalleled support to customers: Your outsourcing partner helps you provide quality deliverables to your clients in lesser time. This not only adds to the satisfaction of your customers, but also reinforces the trust they repose in your services.

A company looking for a strategic outsourcing partner should identify its needs. This implies that an organization needs to figure out what exactly is it looking for in terms of services. Moreover, the requirements of no two businesses are same. The most sought-after services outsourced services include:

Here are some of the most popular outsourced call center services that would help you in making the right decision.

Inbound Call Center Services:

Outbound Call Center Services:

Back-office Support:

Technical support:

Email and chat support:

Outsourcing has become a buzzword for the industries across the world. As the quality and cost consciousness of companies continues to increase, more and more global enterprises are turning to outsourcing hubs like India to meet their requirements