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The Concept Order Processing refers to the activities involved right from the time when a request for information or an order for a product or service is received by a customer service representative and reached a final step of delivery..


At Call Centers India, we specialize in order processing. We exercise due diligence in every aspect of order processing and maintain the highest quality standards at all times. No matter the magnitude of your business operation, As a order processing call center we have the right resources to scale according to your needs. This means that if your business grows then we have got you covered with completely scalable order processing solutions.

We understand that customers’ queries can be different in nature. From a simple inquiry about a product feature to complete handholding during the ordering process, a customer can ask you for anything. This is why; we train our agents properly and prepare them for all the challenges they are likely to face while performing their duties. We use a state-of-the-art order processing tool that keeps all customer and order-related information in a centralized location. Also, we employ the best equipment like VoIP phones and headsets to ensure utmost clarity during conversations between customers and our agents.

The Process of Order Processing

An agent records all the required information through the medium of telephone. The information is then stored in a database along with details such as payment status for a particular product or service. The information is forwarded to the associated fulfillment company which delivers the order. Our custom designed services specialize in order processing and provides full catalog information lines for big or small firms. We integrate state-of-the-art processes and other effective technical facilities to ascertain order fulfillments on time. Our web-enabled ordering platform makes order processing efficient.

Articulate Agents and Dedicated Managers

Our order processing call center agents are handpicked based on their technical acumen and conversational skills. They know how to control the ebb and flow of the conversations and lead them toward the desired results – successful order placement and delivery. To maintain the highest levels of quality in customer discourse, we have experienced QAs that monitor each and every call. In case of discrepancies or confusion, we always have managers on floors that help agents in resolving complex order-related issues.

24/7 Order Processing Call Center

Our order taking call center services are operational 24 x 7, which allows your customers to contact us anytime they want. At Call Centers India, we strive for excellence and always maintain the highest level of satisfactions to ensure that your customers keep on coming back for repeat orders.