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Back office can rightly be called the backbone of every commercial organization, as it strengthens all the core processes by streamlining tasks and organizing the database. However, the operations that are part of the back office have a huge impact on the core work processes. This is the reason why back office outsourcing services should be outsourced with great care. We at Call Centers India are engaged in offering a variety of outsourcing solutions like OCR services that can be customized to suite your back office needs, Data Conversion and Document Digitization, Transaction processing & management services and more. Following are the major segments of the services that we are offering in this domain:

Data Entry

Data entry may seem to be a really uncomplicated task but there is so much more to it than what meets the eye. This is a process that requires a lot of precision and you need expertise to handle it. However, hiring professionals will surely not be a great idea, as it will escalate the overall operational cost. It is best to hire any of the prominent data entry vendors to handle this process meticulously. Outsourced data entry services can be an asset for your organization and we sure can provide you the same. When you outsource back office support services to us, you get access to latest business solutions.

Data Conversion & Data Digitization

Emerging from the data entry process, data conversion and document digitization are basically employed to convert computer data from one format to another. In this process, the data is encoded in different ways to achieve different standards of data. This is a quite complicated process and we can help you in simplifying it. Our data conversion and digitization services are cost-effective and propitious. After back office outsourcing, you can expect conversion and digitization that will not just meet but exceed your expectations.

Transaction Processing & Management Services

Transaction processing & management services help businesses fulfill few of the prerequisites to survive in the cutthroat competition of the business world. Managing the monetary transaction processing is essential to streamline many other processes of your business and to deliver satisfying services to your customers. We are here to offer transaction processing services that will help you thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Our services can help you in reducing all those glitches in the monetary transaction process that can annoy your customers.

Catalog Management

Catalog management is a dynamic process that enables suppliers to diligently broadcast changes in the price and product, as well as introduce new products. This is a crucial process and you need competent professionals to handle it. Hiring full-time professionals for this task will surely not be a great idea; instead, you should consider outsourcing it. Being one amongst the leading catalog management service providers, with seasoned professionals and effective strategies, we are armed to cater your requirements.