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Ecommerce has created new requirements for businesses. Online buying and selling has led to a rise in the number of contacts between customers and companies. To meet this ever-rising demand, voice support alone is not sufficient.

The Growing Stature of Live Chat Support

Over the years, live chat support has emerged as one of the best ways to communicate with customers. Chat support does not involve the rigors of waiting in long queues as in the case of phone support, which is why; we are seeing customers increasingly getting drawn towards it. At Call Centers India, we specialize in live chat support services and have delivered many successful projects in the past. We have a talented workforce that knows how to understand customers’ pulse and guide an issue towards resolution. Our live chat support services can be used for improving sales, providing tech support and performing many other vitally important customer-facing tasks.

Why You Should Outsource Live Chat Support to Call Centers India?

Our agents are extremely skilled and use a logical step-by-step approach to solve even the toughest issues with ease. We employ the latest and most efficient live chat support platform that not only makes communication better but also provides relevant customer information to the agent when a new chat arrives. This helps the rep to understand customers better and offer meaningful instructions from the get go. It leads to better customer experience and consequently improved level of customer satisfaction, which is always good for your business. Our live chat support reps follow a standard escalation process that makes for quick transfers of chats. Customers do not have to wait a long time to reach the next level of support, which expedites query resolution.

We always maintain a database that keeps all the relevant information of your customers. All the vital details like name, age and reason for chat are updated in the database whenever a new customer makes contact. We also monitor and record all the customer activities like ‘which link they clicked on to get to us’ or ‘which page they stayed on for the most amount time’. This information can be used by our clients to understand customer behavior and make the necessary changes in their ecommerce platforms.

Our live chat services are operational 24/7 and are designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients. We always do our very best to align our vision with our clients, so we can deliver our services exactly as per their requirements.