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The dealer locator service refers to locating multiple retail, customer service, or repair locations.

The Working
We offer free toll-free phone services to organizations which have multiple business locations to reduce their workload and help them in locating the closest dealer center. Our inbound call center simplifies the process of selecting a product or organization for customers. With a prompt response to voice messages, customers can find their choice with an extreme ease and comfort. Even if a customer needs location-based store or dealer based on criteria, our inbound call center agents help organizations to connect with customers.

We utilize state-of-the-art call management system which is flexible to fit the need of any customer. Our technology of decision pyramid marker, on screen displays and pop up banners help us to connect your customers with their desired dealer store. Our system is comprehensive storage of all points of a database of all the points of distribution and direct callers to the nearest stores. The service database locates the queries on zipping code based on below-mentioned criterion:

  • The closest store locations
  • The hours of closest stores
  • Direct phone numbers
  • Driving directions

This locator service can also be based on the criteria of product stock due to the possibility of tracking and reporting calls for demographic purposes.

We are capable of maintaining a national database of all the stores and locations. Polite and friendly Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) are available 24 hours to deal with callers offering locator services by zipping code or customized criteria. This service can be customized on the basis of area code or city as well.

By combining the dealer locate services with order entry and information request and fulfillment services, a complete customized front end can be created to handle all the customers’ calls. The client service and sales representatives constantly work to determine the most effective script to handle the calls.