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The Future of Inbound Call Center Services with Better AI and IVR

With the evolution of modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, many processes in different companies are getting automated. The result of automation is generally positive in most industries. Just like other industries, call centers have also evolved considerably thanks to AI. We are seeing AI being incorporated into CRMs and call center software, which is making call center services especially inbound call center services better.

Landmark Solutions for Changing the Face of International and Domestic Call Center

In this age of digitization, it is amazing to see how call center operations have still remained analog. Customer makes a call; an agent picks it up and provides the necessary resolution to the customer. This process has served its purpose for a long time, however, off late companies are looking to make use of the AI technology to make these operations better. Some landmark solutions that are impacting and would affect the operations of various international and domestic call center companies in the future are listed below:

  1. AI in CRM and call center software – AI has the power to analyze data and offer insights that can be useful for businesses. With AI integration in day-to-day business processes carried out via CRM and call center software, it is possible to learn more about their preferences. For example, if it is seen (by the AI-powered tool) that a customer who orders a laptop, also orders a router later on. It is possible for a company to club the two products together and offer them as a deal. This will allow a company to sell more routers and increase its profits.
  2. Incorporation of bots in customer services – Although inbound call center services rely exclusively on the skills of a call center agent; they can be boosted further by using chat bots like For customers who are in a hurry and cannot wait in the queue, chat bots provide immediate answers to basic questions. However, bots by themselves do not suffice in every scenario, as there may be some customer queries that are beyond their scope. In this case, it is a much better option to have inbound call center services agent as your second line of defense. Not only chat bots make task of a company easier, they also help a business save up to 40% of cost in their customer service venture.
  3. Increased use of IVR – IVR technology has evolved quite a lot in the recent past and it is only expected to get better with time. In future, its use as a way to confirm critical customer details like account number and PIN number is only going to increase. Be it international or domestic call center service, IVR service are expected to profit both the domains.
  4. Better routing of calls – The algorithms designed for call routing are expected to get more complex. These algorithms will track all calls made by customers, their behavior on the call and their inclination to buy certain products. Based on the data, the software will be able to route the call to agents that can be of maximum help to a customer. This will increase their customer satisfaction levels for sure.