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As per American Express, around 78 percent customers leave a transaction due to bad customer service. So, call centers continue to evolve by applying various strategies in order to ensure best quality customer experience.

Some of the major trends related to outsourced call centers include:

Freelance executives

Smartphone with its myriad of applications has also paved the way for utilizing it for call center services. Various executives can now work from home or while traveling using their mobile devices. It gives flexibility to employees as they do not have to stick with the schedule. Also, the call centers having less office space can now hire freelance call center executives.

Multichannel customer service

Now, phone is not the only channel to deal with the customers. Various other channels including e-mail, SMS, web chat and social media are also used along with calling for handling the queries of customer or dealing with the potential clients. So, it is the collaboration of all these systems in a call center which gives best possible service to the end customers.

Cloud Technology

Future belongs to cloud! At least, it can be said for the outsourced call centers which are increasingly relying on cloud technology. Cloud technology helps the contact centers to scale up their processes effectively and in an economical manner. It also allows consolidation of multiple websites making the workflow more efficient.

Video-based customer service

Video related customer support services are expected to become popular within few months in call centers. The video gives more personalized experience to the customers making them more connected to the brand.

Callback Technology

It is the technology implemented by call centers in which customer does not need to wait for long time on a call. Representative calls back the customers on the number left by them to resolve the issue.

This drastically decreases the frustration of the customers due to long queues. As a result, a happy customer becomes more loyal to the company.


Gamification is not only limited to corporate giants like Google and SAP, but the importance of gamification is realized also by the call center outsourcing companies. This process makes the work process more interesting for the customer support executives and creates a competitive spirit among them. This is expected to become part of the process in outsourcing companies in upcoming years.

These innovative trends in the customer support centers are there to stay for longer period of time. So, adopting them in the company is the most sensible decision for achieving its goals.

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