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Call center business thrives on customers. Good or bad, bold or beautiful and cool or angry – they are the ones for whom you have been hired as Customer Service Representative. If you think that a complaining customer is no good, I want you to think again. Irate customers can help you and company grow double and increase your sales twice if you happen to take their comments or grievances sincerely. Loving positive feedback is a human tendency.

From the small time, owner to the CEO of Fortune 500 companies highlights positive feedbacks. Sharing it on social networking sites, liking it and testifying it amidst of hundreds and thousands of followers is the new trend but have you noticed anything posted or said that is -not so positive or enlightening about the company? What do you think companies would have done of them? No, it’s not like that they have been so good at services that there was not even one dissatisfied customer.

1) Tend to ignore the complaints or turn a deaf ear to them.
2) Act in equally irate manner
3) Answering as ‘I-cannot-believe- that- you -are -so -stupid’ tone
4) Answering as if you are obliging the caller

If this is the case with you, I want to share some latest buzz happening in customer services realm. It has been observed that call centers listening to their angry customers tend to keep their clients happier by boosting their sales. How? That is a multi-million question.
Business analysts have observed that if call center outsourcing services provider take annoyed customers as challenges and increased expectations, they fare better and lay special emphasis on increasing quality of services and making them more results oriented. Some call centers have gone to the length of forming online customers panels realizing the potential stored in their complaints. They organize a virtual committee in presence of respective representative of the company, agents, and one neutral business expert.

Along with this, customers (happy and unhappy) are asked to tweet, comment or post a guest article on the official blog or social networking site of the call center. Do not you think this is the basic foundation of the call center? Listening to the customers and let them voice their opinions. For better or worse, customers are good for your business. If they are bad mouthing about you, take it in a positive way and use them to enrich your customer service and remove the flaws that you have been doing in a familiar or unfamiliar way. This will not only cement the relationship between company and customer but also increase the reputation of your call center in the market.

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