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You work for several organizations and your employees. You regulate their work flow and assure the success of their business at every step while you and your team handle the scariest of work flow with extreme ease and comfort. Call center is a business that runs on team and is fuelled through their enthusiasm. The motivation of the team is extremely important. One important step to keep them on their toes cheerfully is to make your work atmosphere productive. Following are the some points which are affordable and done in no time by the management to ensure happy work environment:

Personal Desk Space
Set it as an important priority. If they would not have a comfortable seating, they would not be able to concentrate on work and will ramble about it. It will not only hamper their productivity but will also make them feel inferior. Ask them to create a personal desk space around their work station.

Facial Talks
Talk to them as if they were your friends. Talk to them in an upbeat, cheery mood so that they should have an idea that you understand them as a human being and not mere employees or working servants. Doing this will help them to create a long lasting bond with company and reduce the rates of attrition.

Maintaining a Code of Conduct
A code of conduct is necessary for every foundation. They should have every guideline in written to prevent conflicts in future. Be it tacking the backlog or talking to an angry customer, they should know the policy and protocols of organization.

Proper Feedback
A positive compliment about their work can take them to the heights of performance. An occasional word of appreciation or a pat on their back can have miraculous results and an obvious spurt in their loyalty level of work. If a feedback should have to be negative, it should be in such a manner so that it induces them to show their best and not vice versa or inspire apathy towards the work. Organize monthly competition to encourage healthy atmosphere.

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