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We live in a world where customer support is one of the cornerstones of developing loyalty among the customers. And the process of offering finest support is incomplete without properly managing the feedback received from the valuable customers.

In this post, we discuss some essential techniques associated with customer feedback that will raise the level of customer service process.

1.    Share feedback with customer support agents
The agents are the species who are in direct communication with customers while providing the service. Due to this, it becomes mandatory to share the feedback with them. This will act as trigger through which agents will themselves work on improving their performance without any requirement of training from senior officials. It will also keep them motivated to offer best possible service to the customer through their interaction skills.

2.    Keep the surveys extremely simple
Surveys conducted after resolving a query are usually the best way to receive honest feedback from your customers. But it is essential to make sure that surveys are simple as complex ones are usually ignored by the customers. Make sure to have only 3-4 questions with each having answers in the form of rating (1-5) based on different parameters.

3.    Apologize immediately if feedback is negative
Making an apology if the customer provides negative feedback is the first thing that every firm should do to establish trust in the mind of the customer. This can be done by calling the customers automatically if feedback is not positive.

This must be followed by assuring them to rectify the error from your end. Giving them assurance through words is not sufficient. Companies must actually start working on giving a delightful time to the customer.

4.    Use cumulative data to modify the process
If collective feedback related to particular aspect of your service/product is not positive, then you can use the data to modify that weak area of the process. These changes will definitely help in decreasing the number of negative feedbacks to a greater extent. Do not make big changes on the basis of few customer feedbacks.

5.    Categorize feedbacks into different sections
You can divide the feedbacks into multiple sections on the basis of response from the customers. This will not only reduce the time taken to handle the feedbacks but  call centers will also ensure that every feedback is handled by right person in the organization.

6.    Send a thank-you mail after receiving feedback
Customers love to get acknowledged whenever they respond to a feedback form received from the company. Sending an email with a genuine ‘Thank You’ message (and even a small reward if company can afford) will make sure that they are delighted with this gesture. It will also encourage them to participate in the future surveys conducted by the companies.

Using all these techniques carefully will allow you to understand your customers in better manner and ultimately offer much improved form of services.

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