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As per a research performed by market research firm Harris Interactive, 5 out of 10 call center agents fail to answer the queries of the customer. A good call center always focuses on enhancing the productivity of the workforce by multiple strategies.

Following are some of the important strategies which must be implemented by contact center companies to raising the productivity of their executives.

Give ownership to the team leaders
Team leaders are the backbone of every contact center team. So, giving them ownership by imparting detailed knowledge of the project and developing their skills is essential. Also, giving them authority to small decisions also helps in escalating the productivity.

Connect the demands of agents with performance
Connecting several incentives like approval of vacation, bonus and preferences of the shift to the performance of the employees is essential in call center. This definitely motivates them to work more efficiently which ultimately raises the productivity.

Allow work from home
Every agent becomes surprisingly more productive at the comfort of his home. So, the employees should be allowed to work from their homes for at least 2-3 days a week for maintaining the productivity.

Outline the roles clearly  
This strategy should be specially implemented to the team leaders of the call center. It is necessary for top management to describe every responsibility of a team leader in a detailed manner. This will ensure that there is no confusion among team leaders related to their role in a particular project.

Regular breaks
The call center executives should be given a 10 minutes break after a span of 70-75 minutes for recharging them. This prepares the agents to take further calls smoothly without any lethargy.

Positive Feedback   
The management should not focus only on those agents that are performing below average, but good performance should also be praised regularly. Various research reports have proven that positive feedback helps in enhancing productivity.

Agent scorecards
Use of scorecards for measuring both quantity and quality of the agents proves to be quite useful. The scorecard can have various parameters which include call abandonment rate, customer satisfaction and average handling time etc. The agents should be then rewarded accordingly.

E-learning techniques
A thoroughly trained team can enhance the overall productivity by 25 percent. And using multimedia techniques through computer screens can be the best possible way to impart knowledge and skills to the call center staff.

Take suggestions from employees
Make sure that the suggestions from the employees are heard by top management and suitably praised. This makes the employees more enthusiastic and loyal towards the company. Applying a combination of these strategies definitely helps in raising the output of the contact center which ultimately helps in achieving the goals.

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