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Predicting marketing trends for each year by a firm is as important as the planning of marketing strategies. This year will witness customer-centric approach in almost every marketing strategy. Also, most of the trends will be cost-effective with more global reach of the brand through addition of new technologies and creative strategies.

 Following are some of the marketing-related trends that are going to rule in 2016.

 Interactive content will expand

We will observe a rise in the content which involves end-user with its interactive abilities. Games, online assessments and tutorials will become an integral part of content marketing this year. These techniques can engage users for long time as compared to static form due to which they become more viable for marketing and sales purposes.

Insights from data will become more important

The datger with each passing year through the addition of huge chunks of videos, text, images and audio clips. But still, very few companies have realized the importance of generating invaluable insights from this precious data. Importance of these insights is expected to rise this year with focus on specific demographics like gender, location and age groups etc.

 Companies will possibly take support of efficient data mining services to implement the results while planning marketing strategies.

 Mobile will become superior

While designing digital marketing campaigns, mobiles will be given more emphasis than the computers. Therefore, the companies must create call to action buttons that fit perfectly on the mobile screen. Also, only the websites that have responsive designs with easy to read text will survive this year. Companies will also increase their emphasis on email subscriptions through mobile phones.

 Apps will be inevitable

Gone are those days when the apps just acted as an accessory offered by companies for mobile users. Now, almost every digitally active brand draws the attention of smartphone users through a robust mobile app. Also, rise of other smart electronics like T.V. and watches have made the apps more essential in daily life. The price of app development has also seen a drop due to which some traditional businesses are also getting attracted to this smart move. A new move by Google called app indexing in which apps are appeared in Google’s search results will also pave the way for myriad of new apps.

 Customer service will rise to new level

With the exponential rise in startups, the competition becomes tougher in almost every sector. It is the customer service which acts as positive marketing tool for these growing companies in the scenario of cut-throat competition. More startups will turn to call center outsourcing for access to finest levels of customer support. Every touch point including email, social media, phone and live chat will be given equal importance by companies and customers. The call center agents will also play the role of marketers for attracting new customers to the company.

 To conclude, this year is expected to be game changer for many industries due to integration of various new technologies. And those players which fail to adapt as per new trends may suffer in longer run.

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