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Business process outsourcing (BPO) has always been subjected to various modifications with the changing demands of global market. Call center outsourcing which is an integral part of BPO sector also transforms with addition of technologies and processes on regular basis.

 Here are some impzortant trends which are adopted by BPO firms in India.

 Multi-channel customer support

Gone are those days when phone was only the mode of communication related to customer support in BPO firms. The present day scenario which is driven by consumers requires the need of multiple other channels like social media, online chat and email support.

Work from home agents

The agents in current scenario do not necessarily need to visit the office premises for attending the calls or handling the customers. Various BPO companies in India allow the agents to handle the calls from the comfort of their homes. This is quite beneficial as it helps in enhancing productivity of agents and employee turnover rate is also minimized.

BPO Services Trends

 Robust cyber security measures

The rise of security breaches related to customer data has increased the importance of cyber security defense in call centers. This includes use of data encryption and voice biometrics in multiple BPO firms to ensure that data remains completely secure.

Advanced customer relationship management (CRM) systems

CRM is becoming more advanced in call centers to ensure that all the information is easily extracted by the agents. This is essential as this information about customer helps in delivering better results in form of satisfactory solutions. Customer journey is which is gaining importance in present scenario has also raised the vitality of CRM systems.

Cloud technology

Multiple firms are now adapting cloud technology for their call center processes to manage operations from multiple locations effectively. Data security and data storage issues are also easily resolved with implementation of this technology.

Data mining

Data mining for designing strategies is being increasingly adopted by BPO firms due to enormous benefits. The call center uses voice recordings which are turned into useful patterns by implementing analytics software. Also, social media is filled chunks of huge data which is utilized for getting comprehensive insights on consumer behavior. Data mining has led the way to improve the satisfaction levels of customers by predicting how they will respond.

Intelligent call-routing

Allocating the agents to handle the calls on the basis of availability is now becoming an obsolete method. Call centers have now adopted intelligent call routing under which the call of a customer is allocated to an agent who is expected to solve issue in best possible manner.


All these trends associated with BPO services are aimed to improve the business of clients across the world by streamlining the processes wisely. This evolved version of BPO sector is expected to meet requirements of global market in present scenario in which startups are multiplying at substantial rate.

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