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Almost every industry in present day scenario is realizing the importance of CCO in business, but the call center industry still needs to extract its importance. Several industry experts may believe that the role of this post is not properly defined and it is still in its infancy. But the truth is that the responsibilities of CCO can directly influence the working of call center as both are inclined towards customers.

At macro level, the role of CCO is to focus on areas that revolve around customers like:

•Customer satisfaction
•Customer retention
•Customer experience
•Customer service

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Let’s keep a look at what responsibilities can be handled by CCO for call center outsourcing vendor.

Designing and modifying the training modules
Training sessions are the very first step in the process of customer service. This phase decides how much the agents are proficient in offering finest experience to customers. Therefore, vitality of the training sessions makes it necessary for CCOs to design the modules themselves. Also, the CCO can implement innovative methods related to customer communication based on real-time analytic.


Though, the technological department is headed by CTO but CCO can suggest how lack of technology or outdated software/hardware is hindering with the service levels offered to the customers. A CCO can also implement right plugins and tools related to CRM software for a streamlined customer relationship across every department.

Implementing of right metrics
Everyone connected to call center outsourcing services knows the values of customer satisfaction-related metrics. But choosing the right metrics to judge if customers are receiving the experience they deserve is quite a crucial task. The CCO can make sure which metrics can effectively produce results using which right decisions can be made.


Someone who can train team leaders and quality analysts
That’s right! Quality analysts and team leaders too require training on regular basis for constant evolution of their respective roles. Team leader is representative of agents and also someone who can show these agents right direction in terms of customer listening and understanding. On the other hand, quality analysts need to modify their standards using which they measure the performance of agents.

Therefore, team agents can be regularly trained and updated by CCO to develop customer – centric culture among agents. CCO can also successfully modify the forms which are used by QA personnel to evaluate the agents. They can guide the QA team for effectively calibrating the quality monitoring process with the involvement of other importance parties.

The call centers will actually be able to receive better return on investment (ROI) employing someone with all these capabilities. These job responsibilities are just a snapshot of actual potential of CCO who can revolutionize the contact center vertical.

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