7 tips for call center agents to stay healthy during night shift

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Individuals who are part of night shift jobs like call center process often feel worried about their health due to change in the schedule of their daily life.

These and various other jobs in which people spend the time at workplace need special care for their body to stay fit and active.

 Following are important tips which must be followed by those who are part of night shift jobs:

 Tip #1: Diet to consume during night shift

Try to consume protein rich diet during the shift which includes lentils, eggs, nuts, tofu and peanut butter as these keep you alert during your working hours. Avoid consumption of sweets during the shifts as they can make you feel sleepy.

 Tip #2: Avoid light while sleeping at daytime

Make sure to wear eye mask while sleeping to avoid any disturbance due to daylight. If not available, cover the windows with cut out curtains to prevent yourself from disturbance caused due to light. Also, artificial light from mobile devices or laptop can interfere with the quality of sleep.

 Tip #3: Avoid alcohol before sleeping

The alcohol acts as sedative only for 2-3 hours and after that impacts the quality of the sleep. This happens because alcohol interferes with the rapid eye movement (REM) due to which you may feel bit tired during the subsequent shift.

 Tip #4: Perform exercise after waking up

Following exercise regime after waking up on daily basis ensures that you do not feel tired or stressed-up due to working on night time. Avoid exercise before going to sleep as it may result in wakefulness during daytime.

About 15 minutes of meditation after waking up also reduce stress and anxiety which may arise due to change in the routine.

 Tip #5: Drink lots of water

Yes! Huge quantity of water keeps you hydrated and balances your bodily functions especially if you are working as call center agent during night shift. Water consumption is vital for night shift as dehydration is more prevalent during night time as per the researches.

Do not rely on health drinks or energy drinks as constituents of these beverages may impact your body in negative manner.

 Tip #6: Use caffeine wisely

Companies providing call center services offer coffee and tea to their employees to ensure they remain active during work time. Make sure to have a cup of coffee only in the first half of your shift. This will ensure that you remain alert and active during your working schedule. Do not exceed the quantity of coffee and avoid consumption before going to sleep as it may interfere with your sleeping pattern.

 Tip #7: Ergonomics

If your work is associated with computer screen, make sure to keep the screen below or equal to the level of your eyes. Also, ensure that your feet are touching the ground while sitting on the chair which is essential to keep your back straight while working.

Therefore, make sure to utilize the suitable combination of all these strategies to remain full of beans even in graveyard shift.

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