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As per financial services firm American Express, around 35 percent of consumers got angry while talking to a customer care representative. This shows that satisfying a customer on phone is never an easy process and requires implementation of suitable words and constant practice.

Here are some useful which must be implemented by call center agents to improve customer satisfaction.

 Use empathy words

 These words show the customers that you are serious about their problem and willing enough to solve it. Some examples of empathy words include ‘I understand,’ ‘I apologize’ and ‘I assure you’ etc. You can suitably apply these phrases as per the situation of the interaction to get positive response from customers.

Avoid usage of negative words

There are also several phrases which should be purged off while talking to a customer which include:

I don’t know

  What’s your problem

 That’s against policy of the company

Make sure that you do not include negative words like ‘no,’ ‘can’t’ and ‘not’ while talking to a customer. Instead, rephrase the line and make it sound more positive. For example – instead of saying ‘You have called the wrong department,’ one can say ‘This is billing department. I am happy to connect you to technical department.’

Rephrase the lines said by the customer

By rephrasing the issue mentioned by the customer, the agents can clarify what the customer exactly wants from your end. Also, this helps in assuring the customers that you are listening to them attentively which builds a trust in their mind. You can also use the phrase ‘correct me if I am wrong’ which help in clarifying the conversation in much improved manner.

Use shock words

 Use words which reflect mild shock like ‘Oh, my god’ or ‘that’s really shocking’ to show the customers that you are equally concerned for them. This also assures the customers that you are the right man to discuss the query.

 For selling effectively

 If you are part of telesales team or want to offer a service to a customer, you can use some phrases which have positive impact on the customer’s psychology. Some of these phrases include:

 For esteemed customers like you …

 This is the most suitable plan as per your needs …

 We have an amazing variety of …

 Let the customers know the specific time of response

If an agent is unable to resolve the problem of the customer immediately, then customer should be notified about the expected time of response while handling the call. Customers can say ‘we will solve your issue by [Expected time].’

Make sure to have a strong command over these communication tips which will help you in receiving amazing response from the customer’s side.

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