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As per software development company Zendesk, about 95 % customers discuss poor customer experience with other people.  This fact reflects that way you treat your customers decides how long you will survive in the market. So, giving excellent customer support service should be topmost priority of call centers.

Here are six important tricks which should be followed by call center firms in India to ensure customers receive best possible service.

1) Treat agents like you treat customers

Empathy is contagious! This rule is applicable with call center agents too. Make sure to show empathy to the agents and they will automatically treat the customers in best possible manner without showing any signs of rudeness. Also, gifting goodies and small bonuses keeps the executives charged for handling calls more efficiently.

2) Make sure the customers do not wait

Present generation hates to wait in daily life tasks especially when calling customer support department.

It therefore becomes responsibility of call center firms to either hire more agents or use call back technology. Training the existing agents to handle the calls quickly will also help in decreasing the waiting time of customers.

3) Use power words while talking

There are various words and phrases which develop confidence among the customers towards the company. The call center agents should try following words which include:






Using the phrases like ‘I would be delighted to assist you’ or ‘I would be more than glad to help’ also helps in increasing the satisfaction level of the customers.

4) Research on customer behavior

Doing a thorough research using analytics for predicting the behavior of the customers is surefire strategy to improve quality of customer handling.

Therefore, call centers focused on customer satisfaction must exploit the potential of analytics. This will give an in-depth knowledge about common issues faced by the customers along with solutions which gave them maximum satisfaction.

5) Impart comprehensive product knowledge to agents

A Call center aimed at customer satisfaction must make sure that their agents have thorough service or product related knowledge. It is essential to impart knowledge like

Material used

Usage in multiple conditions

Special precautions

Additional charges

Treatment of minor product issues

Replacement policies under special cases

All these and various other facets related to product’s specifications should be part of training modules in a call center. This will empower the agents to resolve the query in the first call itself with proper customer satisfaction.

6) Being honest

A customer prefers honesty more than illogical explanations related to any issue. So, call center executives must admit the mistake on behalf of company as soon as possible. Assuring the customer to resolve the problem with best possible measures must be the next step of this process. Customers will indeed appreciate this honest approach.

So, customer contact centers in India must apply all these tricks in a proper balance to ensure that a customer loves the service by company.

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