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Call center industry needs reconditioning on the regular basis so that it is able to satisfy the market needs. One of the major reasons behind modifications in this industry is to improve the level of satisfaction of customers without spending excessive money. To achieve this motive, the call center firms adopt new styles of management along with advanced technology as per the market trends.
Following are some of the trends associated with call center industry, which will become popular this year.

Use of data analytics
Last few years have already seen the use of data analytics by some call centers around the world. But it is expected that almost every outsourcing vendor will implement this technology to boost their services. The call centers are able to derive raw data from social media profiles and call recordings from customer interactions. This data can provide quite valuable insights that can be used to improve the communication with customers.

Social media monitoring
Companies will become active on almost every social media channel to monitor the activities of the customers related to the brand. The transparency factor associated with social media customer support makes it popular among customers. It also gives chance to the brands to popularize themselves through brand mentions on social media channels. Other than this, potential customers can track the quality of responses offered by companies.

Call back technology
It is a fact that customers hate while waiting in long queues when they contact support department. Therefore, companies will give emphasis on call back technology to ensure that customers receive calls whenever the agent is free.

Cloud-based call center
Cloud technology is gaining popularity in call center world as it saves upfront investments along with the expenditure related to hardware and software updates. The work from home culture will also become popular through cloud technology due to which productivity of customer care agents will increase.

Voice biometrics
Unlike traditional approaches to authenticate the customers, voice biometrics is a method to perform this operation. It is also a useful method for call centers as cases of frauds will be minimized through its implementation. On the other hand, the customers are saved from hassles related to remembering passwords. Various call centers are expected to adopt this technology by the end of this year.

Visual IVR
Interactive voice response (IVR) in present scenario handles a lot of queries as customers prefer to resolve the queries themselves without any contact with the agent. The companies are now focusing streamlining the IVR menus to make it easy for callers to get the desired information and register a complaint. Visual IVR is another level of this technology in which customers are able to see the options on the screen of their smart devices or computer screens.

Proactive support
Companies traditionally offer reactive support in which responses are provided whenever a customer asks for them. In proactive support, the companies offer support much before the customer needs the support. The popularity of this technique is growing as it is linked to the loyalty of the customers. The call centers are also able to decrease the volume of calls by offering proactive support.

The future of this industry seems bright as technologies like artificial intelligence and video customer support will become popular in call centers. Let’s hope it is the end customers who receive maximum benefits out of these trends.

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