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Customer support is quite sensitive process for the brands as their reputation lies on this process to a great extent. It is also essential for a brand as it helps in retaining the esteemed customers. That’s not all! Finest customer support ensures that company gets new customers without spending an arm and leg on costly marketing campaigns.

Why should the companies outsource customer support?
This question often comes in the mind of decision makers of the company while working on customer experience. Companies must outsource customer support process because:

•    Outsourcing vendors hire proficient and experienced agents for customer support process
•    The vendors offer specialized services for busy times of the year like holidays
•    The call centers usually have a contingency plan to handle disasters and extreme weather conditions
•    Companies that outsource the process are able to put their energy, time and resources into core business processes
•    The big-sized call centers offer round the clock service for each day of the year
•    The call centers have stringent measures to ensure that quality of customer support is not compromised
•    The process is quite cost-effective when compared to in-house customer support process

Which vendor to choose for outsourcing the process?

A suitable outsourcing vendor possesses below mentioned characteristics which include:

1.    The vendor must have reasonable experience in the call center industry
2.    Vendor must offer customer support through multiple channels
3.    It should possess reasonable technology needed for efficient operations
4.    It must implement all the necessary call center metrics needed for smooth running of project
5.    Call center must be able to modify its process as per the client’s business requirements
6.    There should be apt security measures at the vendor’s delivery center to ensure data security
7.    The vendor must be able to provide performance report on regular basis
8.    Call center training team should be able to involve clients during training process

Customer support statistics
These are some essential statistics associated with customer support trends:

As per Aspect Consumer Experience Survey, 76 percent of customers say that they see customer service as the real test of how much a specific brand gives them importance.

Customer experience will surpass product and price as the main brand differentiation by the year 2020, as per the firm Walker Info.

As per the firm Software Advice, 61 percent of consumers favor call back option instead of waiting on hold whenever they contact customer support department.

 Firms lose around 41 billion dollars every year due to bad customer support, as per the firm New Voice Media.

All these and numerous other statistics shed the light on the importance of best customer support for every company. Therefore, the companies must not shy away from the idea of outsourcing this process in order to attain finest quality at affordable prices.

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