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Millennials will have highest spending power as compared to other generations by the year 2018, as per the firm BazaarVoice. It shows how Gen X will be most important target of customers in future for every domain. This fact also reflects how companies must make sure to satisfy this segment of customers finest customer support.

Good news is that millennials tend to remain loyal with a brand if they like the product along with customer support offered by the company. You can choose a trusted call center vendor that focuses on making them happy and loyal towards the firm.
Let’s check some techniques through which call center outsourcing firms satisfy Gen X through finest customer support process.

Offering quick resolution
Millennials don’t like to wait when it comes to resolution of their queries. To avoid losing this important section of customers, call centers make sure to provide resolutions in a quick manner. They focus on providing solution in the very first contact made by the customer. Call center firms train agents by imparting in-depth product knowledge so that the issues can be resolved immediately.

IVR is designed in streamlined manner
This generation of customers prefers to resolve most of their queries themselves. You can make them self-sufficient in resolving their queries by making interactive voice response more efficient. Call center outsourcing services provider usually includes all the options in IVR menu that can allow customers to receive necessary information just by pressing a button.

Brands can also allow them to register a complaint through IVR without involvement of a human agent. Even though several issues can be resolved directly through IVR menu, you must also put an option of connecting to an agent at every level of the menu.

Offering proactive service
Millennials love a brand that provides information much before they need to contact the company for the same. Therefore, you must send pre-recorded messages or personalized email/text messages to them offering necessary information. These information include bank account balance, shipping or return status of any product, service center details and payment reminders etc. Most of the call centers provide proactive services as a part of their gamut of solutions. Other than making Gen X happier, it decreases the dependency on call center agents.

Availability on every channel
Millennials do not believe in making contact with customer service reps through phone. In fact, they prefer channels like live chat and social media more than phone. Therefore, call center firms are active on every communication channel to satisfy this generation of consumers. Email is another important medium which is trusted by youngsters. Quick and satisfactory reply on each of these channels is what makes millennial loyal towards the brand.

Availability throughout the day (and night)
Just remaining active on every customer communication medium is not sufficient to delight this generation. You have to also make sure that you choose a call center that is providing customer support on 24×7 basis throughout the year.

It is true that nature of a millennial customer is volatile when it comes to buying a product. And customer support is one of the biggest factors that decide if they will purchase from your firm or not. Therefore, you must choose an outsourcing partner that gives special emphasis on this segment of customers.

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