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India is a one stop destination for call center services across the globe. It has been given this stature not because it wanted to create a space for itself but it already has the power to deliver these resources. These assets possessed by India were cultivated over a period of time and in the process found an avenue for itself in the outsourcing world. Since then the call centers in India rose to prominence beating the major market players i.e. Philippines, Mexico, China and Ireland. India went on to become a power house for outsourcing call center service providers around the globe.

The recent survey executed by National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) stated, that more than half of the companies listed in fortune 500 companies chose to outsource software development to Indian firms. The outsourcing call center services industry in India continues to witness a growth of 30-35% per year owing to its IT infrastructure, Human Resource and Intellectual Capital. Below are mentioned few reasons why India is emerging as the only destination for outsourcing call center service providers.


1.Intellectual Capital – India has a population of more than 1 billion people with 4 million people graduating every year in diverse subjects. This provision provided to students to opt for varieties in their course has led to creation of an Intellectual Capital. These varieties have helped us build the perspectives by approaching our regular work through a different mindset. Hence bringing in the creative aspects to our work and this procedure also went on to become one of our USP’s. This entire framework helped us build in creating a niche in the market hence making our services appealing.

2.Inexpensive labor – 1$ weighs Rupees 63.83 in the market today. This is a good enough reason why our service is cost effective. Secondly, the ingredients required to calculate the cost of living per person (i.e. rent, food, travel, clothes, sports and leisure etc.) in India is half-priced as compared to people living in America. Therefore, the labor cost is almost cut into half providing the customers with efficient services at an inexpensive rate.

3.Government Policies – IT is considered as one of the top five priority industries in India today and the government has been supportive to this segment in various ways. Firstly the outsourcing industry in India is backed by a stable pro-IT Government. Their policies surrounding the GDP growth, Taxation, Telecom, Economy, Industrial parks and Special zones has been conducive to the development of the infrastructure and the communication systems. Secondly the Information Technology Act covers the aspects of e-billing document, bar crimes, electronic contracts amongst others; these elements have impacted the growth of the IT industry.

4.Technological capabilities – The contemporary India offers ISP (Internet service provider) and Cellular networks all the major cities and towns. Software’s are customized according to client’s requirements and these solutions are provided to the customers in almost all the applications such as the e-commerce, business process re-engineering, system migration, legacy system maintenance and much more. Undisturbed flow of communication channel is maintained by the outsourcing companies for clients providing them with high-speed bandwidth via satellite connectivity, fiber optic networks and submarine cables.

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