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Our agenda for people embodies the spirit of completeness and serving diverse customers both of which is done through constant process of leadership development and skill building. Building the talent of the employees is the key to securing long term progress. We at Call Centers India constantly equip our organization with the required skills and technology so that we can enable our customers to reap the advantages of modernity which at the same time is the answer to maximizing the satisfaction of our clients through customer support services.

Alongside our trained and skillful workers we ensure that our company encourages the vision of leadership as it enhances the culture of understanding and the challenges that comes with work which at the same time influences the power of opportunity. The leaders of our organization ensure that the grooming and development begins at the entry level itself. Great responsibilities are provided at the early stage of career with an open career discussions and cross-functional exposure which is coupled with mentoring and coaching that helps the organization to develop strong management skills.

Most importantly we believe in diversity which holds the key to serving our customers in the best possible manner. Diversity enriches the perceptiveness which in turn holds better understanding of our customers to ensure that it not only drives business growth but provides optimum customer satisfaction.

Being able to provide optimum customer satisfaction is fundamental to the growth of the organization that is why we try to expand our foray in various segments such as Inbound Call Center services comes with additional facilities of Customer Care support services, Technical help desk, 24X7 help desk and Phone answering services. Outbound Call center services which is segmented into Telemarketing services, Appointment schedule, Market Research/Survey, Voice Broadcast, Direct Marketing Campaigns, Promotional Selling- Up Selling/Cross Selling and Leads Generation. IT services are synced with Custom Software Development, Mobile Apps Development, Custom Application Development, Customized Accounting Software Development, Client Reporting Systems, IVR Programming, Telecom Billing Solutions and Testing Procedure. Email support services are further categorized with Product and Service Inquiries, Order Taking/Fulfillment, Feedback/Response to inquiry, Payment Inquiries and documentation and Troubleshooting for services and products. Chat support services including Customer Chat support, 24×7 Chat support, Website Chat support and Order Taking and Tracking Chat Support and Back Office support services which are further categorized into Insurance Claims Processing, Online database generation, Bill generation & processing and Data entry services and conversion.

At Call Centers India our journey over so many years is a demonstration to our commitment of serving many customers. Our portfolio on the other hand is a proof of our growing popularity. As we enter the path of growth we are prepared to embrace the challenges that comes with it and momentous opportunity that awaits us. This provides a reaffirmation time and again that by doing good we can do well.

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