Why businesses are Outsourcing Call Centers Overseas?

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Outsourcing has always been a preferred method of business operations for many organizations. Outsourcing call center overseas is a cost effective and efficient business solution for organizations targeting expansion of business at lower costs. By outsourcing miscellaneous processes to specialized service providers, organizations ensure that their targets are achieved sufficiently and timely. Most of the outsourced service providers for call centers overseas, especially in India, provide flexible time for operations to their partners. They employ a competent workforce that is willing to work hard and deliver results 24×7, 365 days a year. The cultural gaps have reduced over the years because of long years of association with overseas partners. The economic environment of partnering countries has also been encouraging, promoting the overseas outsourcing model over the years.

Outsourcing call centers overseas provide the benefit of economies of scale, which can be shared with the outsourced partner. Also, outsourcing services to overseas partners help in achieving specialization and business process improvement in the outsourced processes. They also solve all training, recruitment, and workforce management related issues. It provides leverage to companies to target on their core strengths, as required by their business.

Call Center India (CCI) has been providing services to diverse global organizations for over a decade. They share their expertise and innovative management practices in every new endeavor to optimize operations for their clients. They maintain technologically updated infrastructure, supported by latest software to deliver complete servicing solutions. It is a financially viable option for companies which do not want to spend on infrastructure required for processes such as customer or technical support. This helps the clients in focusing on their core competencies.

Contact Centers become the brand ambassadors for their client and help the organizations in creating and retaining loyal customers. CCI has a strong quality framework with its focus on delivering quality 24×7. Their continuous training methodology helps in building a capable workforce to meet the changing needs of clients effectively.

CCI shares the benefit of time zone difference with their clients to ensure that the customers receive 24×7 customer support. They provide inbound services to handle customer response, inquiry handling, order processing etc. They provide technical support in the form of IVR services, pre, and post-sales support and Help desk support. In addition to outbound services such as sales lead generation, CCI provides email management response, web-based live chat and order management for their clients.

With extensive experience in the call center industry, CCI understands the challenges of the business at all levels of granularity. They provide efficient and effective solutions for business processes, cost-effectively.

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