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Unhappy customer is the worst nightmare of any firm (whether a startup or a big corporate giant). This proves that satisfying a customer especially through a good quality customer support is a serious business. Also, various reports reveal that retaining an existing customer is always more economical than searching for the fresh customers.

Inbound call center outsourcing companies keep on modifying their customer service management strategies to make sure that the customers have best experience while dealing with them.

Let’s have a look at some tips for call centers for attending customer queries:

Avoid interruptions

Customer hates being interrupted when they are describing their issue. Make sure to listen to them while they are talking and respond after they have ended telling their story. This way, the customer will be sure that he / she is being heard attentively.

Make notes

Noting down all the necessary points when a person is describing complaint or making a query helps in solving it easily. It may be difficult in the beginning to make notes quickly while conversing with the customer but with regular practice the skill can be developed gradually.

Contact expert immediately for complex queries

Do not try to solve a query if you think it is beyond your knowledge. It is always wise to contact supervisor or expert for solving the complex queries. Also, taking notes from solutions of previous complex queries is also necessary for smooth customer handling.


Use impactful phrases and words

Various powerful words instead of regular ones provide better impact on the customer’s mind.

Some of the words which must be used by call center agents include:

1. Absolutely (instead of ‘yes’)

2. Right way (if customer asks ‘can you check/tell/register’)

3. Fantastic

4. I will ensure that…

5. As an alternative, may I suggest….

Follow up

 In present competitive world where good customer support decides your fate, following up after solving a query becomes inevitable. The follow-up messages should be more personal and must contain all the necessary details related to the customer issue. An important strategy for a successful follow-up by call centers is to use real names while sending a message or an e-mail to the customer. This gives a more personalized feel to the customers who are bound to remain attached with the brand.

Keep a calm tone

A company can lose 100 plus customers due to bad tone of a call center agent. This is because an annoyed customer may mention the improper usage of tone on a social media websites which will create a negative impact on the reputation of the company. It is imperative to keep a check on all these tips on regular basis for much improved customer care support. Following them will indeed help the outsourced call center companies to develop an expert status for themselves.


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