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An order processing call center has slowly and steadily become an indispensable part of modern-day business operations. Every type of business transaction model including B2B and B2C has some dependency on a dedicated order processing call center. Whether you are conducting business online through an ecommerce portal or running a brick-and-mortar store, it is vital that you perform the essential functions with complete accuracy.

Important Functions in Call Center Outsourcing Services for Ecommerce


Ecommerce platforms are all the rage nowadays. Not only they provide the added convenience in order delivery, they are deemed vital in the times of Covid-19 when people are scared to venture outside. But call center outsourcing services can only be deemed useful for a business if they can perform the following functions properly:


Order taking


When customer calls, the order needs to be inputted into the system. Every order should be indexed and easily searchable.


Management of purchase orders


After the order has been placed, all the purchase orders should be searchable.


Payment options


Customers making the orders should have multiple options to make the payment. For example, they should be able to pay by credit/debit card, directly from the account and even via phone. The more the options, the better are the chances that the order will be complete.


Different shipping options


Customers should be given the option to get the items delivered the same day or at a different time of their choice. They should also be able to select the option of contactless delivery, which is very important during the times of Covid-19.


Fulfillment of order details along with status checks


Call center services should be kept abreast of all the ordering details via a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.


Mailing and notification services


The order processing call center department should also manage all the SMSs and emails. When the order is fulfilled, an automatic notification needs to be triggered that informs the customer that the order status is complete from brand’s end.


The Virtues of Call Center India Outsourcing for Order Processing


Call center India outsourcing provides a simple way to accomplish the arduous task of order processing services. It is cheaper than most other countries and provides the best platform to accomplish business goals for ecommerce companies. Call Centers India is a top company in the ecommerce domain with a long-term experience in order processing services. It remains operational 24×7.

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