Digitalize Documents and Free Up Office Space with Back Office Outsourcing

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Technology has come a long way and it has left behind a trail of popular commodities that are now considered surplus to the requirements. Cassettes of yore are replaced by intangible MP3 files, books have given way to e-books and once-cherished Gramophone is nowhere to be seen. The phasing out…

Underestimating the Role of Help Desk Support Services Can Lose You Customers

For a layman, the terms help desk and service desk may seem similar, however, there is some difference between them. While service desk is responsible for providing ‘complete service as per request of the customer’, help desk is all about fixing a particular ‘issue’ (incident). Help desk was created to…

An Eye-Opener – Bad Back Office Support Can Ruin Your Business

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Whatever that shines is gold, whatever that looks beautiful sells. Agreed! But, what happens when the product becomes a household name and then you have competition to contend with. After the initial craze has died down, you need solid administrative skills to keep the product afloat. Handling massive data that…

3 Facts That Will Change the Way You Think about Order Processing

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Even after repeated attempts to boost the bottom line (net income) of his company, a devastated entrepreneur dug deep into his accounts. After a number of hours spent struggling with myriad of worksheets on his laptops, paper documents and what not, he came out of his room holding his head….

Why call center outsourcing is best decision of 2019

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We all know the cost-effectiveness is one of the greatest advantages associated with the call center outsourcing. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In reality, the outsourcing is full of amazing benefits especially due to several technological improvements in call center industry.   Let’s see why call center…

Customer satisfaction surveys for your brand

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A customer-oriented call center uses a combination of tools, technologies and management strategies to delight its customers by improving their experience with the brand. Customer satisfaction survey is one such tool that helps the companies to focus on improving experience of their esteemed clients. A properly designed survey, which is…

Call center trends that will be dominant this year

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Call center industry needs reconditioning on the regular basis so that it is able to satisfy the market needs. One of the major reasons behind modifications in this industry is to improve the level of satisfaction of customers without spending excessive money. To achieve this motive, the call center firms…

Everything you need to know about customer support outsourcing

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Customer support is quite sensitive process for the brands as their reputation lies on this process to a great extent. It is also essential for a brand as it helps in retaining the esteemed customers. That’s not all! Finest customer support ensures that company gets new customers without spending an…

How call center outsourcing service providers satisfy millennials?

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Millennials will have highest spending power as compared to other generations by the year 2018, as per the firm BazaarVoice. It shows how Gen X will be most important target of customers in future for every domain. This fact also reflects how companies must make sure to satisfy this segment…

Why workforce management is an inevitable part of contact centers?

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Call center domain is one of those industries which require optimization of workforce to maintain the quality of the services. Therefore, workforce management technology becomes an inevitable part of this dimension. But there are various contact centers which do not prefer this technology due to various myths associated with it….