Implement Call Personalization and Better Security with IVR Outsourcing Service

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There are many call center technologies that are not used by companies because of their lack of exposure. Many amateur call center managers settle on substandard IVR and CRM solutions, which ultimately inhibits their progress and prevents them from delivering top-notch services. But with call center outsourcing services or IVR outsourcing service, it becomes possible to access the best solutions with minimal efforts.

Implement Call Personalization with IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is very popular amongst masses for a number of reasons. It provides better call routing and allows managers to create different level of supports. The branched hierarchy of customer support can be implemented much better if you have intuitive and configurable IVR services at your disposal.

Customizable IVR outsourcing service allow you to insert custom messages. You can use this feature of high-end IVR software services for personalizing call experience and improving branding. For example, when the customer connects, the IVR can start off by taking the name of customers. During hold or mute, it can provide relevant information to the customers along with important branding messages.

Implement Self-Care with IVR

Modern-day IVR technology has improved considerably in terms of recognizing voice commands. This allows you to create a self-care portal that answers basic queries of the customers. With embedded analytics, it can also estimate the customer issue and offer proactive information. These initiatives through a smart IVR platform can really help in cutting down the call volume as many customers are able to figure out the resolution to their query by themselves.

Implement Better Security with IVR

Top-notch IVR outsourcing services allow you to use a separate channel for information gathering. You can simply transfer the call to a dedicated IVR channel whenever you need to ask critical client or customer information such as credit card number, account info, date of birth etc. As the information is never revealed to humans, this IVR functionality allows you to bolster the security further.

Along with IVR, you need better analytics to improve the overall customer experience. Systems such as CRM allow you to capture customer information in a meaningful way. Smart CRM solutions, like the ones provided by Call Centers India, can be used for fetching information fast and generating insights via Big Data analytics.

At this juncture in time, your smartness will decide if you will stay competitive or just fade away. Investing in smart call center software such as IVR can be a great start towards success.

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