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When it comes to a call center, the IVR services have become very crucial. Most big companies develop their own custom IVR solutions, which can be very expensive. However, if you do not have the finances, it is not possible to compete with the big boys. Right? Wrong, actually. It is possible to recruit IVR outsourcing services for improving the quality of a call center operation.

Customized IVR solutions for your business


A customized IVR outsourcing services provider can build an IVR solution that has all the right attributes for your business. It become possible to personalize calls by inserting the name of the caller in the opening message. You can even brand your company in any way you want.


Offer self-care to reduce call volume


It is also possible to offer self-care services with a quality IVR tool. You see, with better voice recognition IVR can take direct information from the caller and use it to answer his/her question. This feature is best used for basic queries like outage, discounts, sales or other simple details.


Great navigation

A modern IVR outsourcing service can offer you proper navigation through different tiers of supports. Good routing means short wait times and maximum customer satisfaction.


Secure information gathering


IVR outsourcing service in India like Call Centers India offer a secure way to take information to the customers via an IVR menu. The call center rep can simply transfer the call to a dedicated line that takes information securely and updates the CRM database.


Comprehensive Call Center and IVR Outsourcing Services


Either you can choose to outsource only for IVR services or you can recruit the call center outsourcing vendor. Many call center companies like Call Centers India provide complete call center outsourcing services that also include IVR, CRM and other important call center resources.


Other advantages of using a total call center services provider are:


  1. Direct point of contact for all call center issues
  2. Complete reporting of every call center detail
  3. Scalable workforce to manage your growing call center operation
  4. Access to hardware and software resources
  5. Network and telephony resources
  6. Experience in the field


A competent call center services provider in India such as Call Centers India offers great cost savings in your outsourcing venture and provides you consistent support 24×7. It is also well-versed with call center security protocol and follows the DPA to the letter.

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